المنارة رمز بنغازي

Have you ever travilled outside Benghazi and realized that your city is a disaster? Are you living in Benghazi and you are not happy or satisfied with your city? Are you interested to find informative and entertainment data about Benghazi? Are you (ولد بلاد) and proud of being Benghazino? Do you have any ideas and thoughts about what Benghazi should be? Do you have a vision for yourself and your city? If so, you have reached the best place for you…..:)

about wake up Benghazi: 

نوضي نوضي يابنغازي!!! wake up Benghazi is your best blog for Benghazi. This is the place where we share our thoughts and feeling toward our lovely city “Benghazi”. What will you gain from reading this blog? This blog entertains, informs, educates, and inspires Libyan people toward a better modern life in a city that has suffered a lot. Here, you will find a stunning information and data about your city. It might be the first time to get this information, or you know it previously, but you haven’t thought about it with this way.

You will read about issues, viewpoints, opinions, tips, top things, hows, and wheres. It’s all about your city and beyond. I have split the blog into many categories, Changing Benghazi, Top things, and Opinions.

About me:

I‘m Mutaz Gedalla, your new friend. I’m an architect at Assarh Engineering Consultancy  and a Lecturer at Benghazi University, Architectural Department. I have a master degree from SCAD in Architecture.

I like observing my environment, and try to come up with  ideas that change  things  I don’t like. I decided to start this blog as a reaction to my deep thinking about the city I love and how to improve it for the better. I feel always annoyed about people who don’t care about their lives in Benghazi. Social networking is the new way to convey our feeling, and here is my best place to show you my plans for the better future.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Mutaz, we at Libya Herald like your blog. Would you be interested in doing some writing for us about what’s happening in Benghazi? Email us at: editor@libyaherald.com Thanks

  2. Your blog is so inspirational! We need more leaders like you. Sending my support from California.

  3. Your English is atrocious and your blog is a joke. You probably don’t even know what atrocious means; use Google Translate.

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