What Would Be If Specifically Designed For Libyans ?

I believe the change starts with us by changing our behavior and our environment. Without government, restrictions, and law and order, we fall in complete chaos.

These are some ideas made specifically for Libyans. It’s just for fun. These things need to be fixed with other ways.

1- Moving out from traffic light in the red:

Car traffic light-01

2- Littering: throwing trashes out of window:

trach can-03

3- Disorganization and not driving  in lanes:

Highways with wall lanes

4- Disorganization and not standing in lines:


Note: it works as well in Walmart during the Black Friday events.

5- Disorganization and not parking correctly:

Parking lot with walls

Yes, We Need ِAn Intervention To Help Libya.




Do you think this topic is to debate whether the UN should intervene in Libya or not. This topic focuses on the intervention in Libya not militarily, but culturally and ethically.

Anyone lives in Libya could observe the ignorance among Libyans. They lost their identity as an educated people “I don’t think I have ever seen a Libyan in Libya sitting and reading a book for pleasure” as Ann Marlowe describes her feeling after visiting Libya in 2011 . Instead, Libyan people keep neglecting the fact that improving any country requires discipline in anything we do.

Who we should blame? Gaddafi!! or ourselves. If we keep blaming the 42 years ago plus the last 4 years, we will never make any progress. As I always say that what happens in Libya now, it’s the result of the sum of laziness, irresponsibility, and ignorance together by Libyan people.

WAKE UP !! before we lose Libya.

Yes, we need an intervention. An intervention of waking us up.

“Often an intervention is an effective way to persuade loved ones to take the first step toward recovery”. This is what people do in western counties.

We need an intervention in Libya to change our perspective to the modern society.

We need an intervention to make us active and care about our work.

We need an intervention to implant in ourselves the word responsibility. Everyone should do his/her work perfectly.

Ann Marlowe says that it’s not the USA to be blamed for the chaos in Libya, Libyans should be blamed in her report.

“Libya could be a wonderful example to the world, of Muslims who threw off their oppressive government and set out to govern themselves democratically and to create a vibrant and open society. But for that, they would have to have a different culture than the one they’ve inherited” Ann Marlowe says.


It’s not coincidence that we have all these problems right now. The big issue relays on us. The absence of the modern culture for 42 years has effected the life in Libya.  Libyans treat their government as just an open bank for them. They totally depend on the oil. Many people work for the government. They receive the full salary, and should be working the full time that they got paid for it. However, they work only half the time they should be. And If they set and work, they wouldn’t do their job perfectly. To be clear, not everyone, but the majority does that. It becomes the Libyan culture of working at the government.

“Americans come from many backgrounds, but one thing most of us share is a work ethic. Libyans do not” Ann Marlowe says.

As I mention before, many countries used  foreigner managers to manage their life , such as UAE. It’s an intervention, not militarily, but ethically.I totally agree with  this type of  intervention, because I’m sure Libyans alone, this generation and the next, will not be able to build a modern society where everyone can take responsibility. The government should replace all Libyans who work in the government with other people by any nationality to work. Yes, it’s investment in the human resource. We will learn how to control our life according to the international standards.


10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Help Libya

tripoli libya

As Libya is going to be a failed state, I was wondering what I can do. You and I are not  political or  military people. We are just a normal civilians. So, probably we can do nothing and just watch our homeland collapse. WRONG!!

There are too much possibilities to do a lot of things to your country. I was thinking how to be an active to save and help  Libya. As I mention before in my topic Change Your Environment to Change Benghazi , the change starts from you.

I have shared 10 things you can do now for Libya  with my friends on Facebook. So, I’m just re-write them again here:

1- Get your car’s plate installed today. If you haven’t register your car yet, go and register your car today. It’s free for a limited time. Reducing the number of cars without plates, could save someone’s life from assassination.

2- Respect all the regulations and order. Be a good citizen by flowing every rules. Do NOT cross the traffic light in red. Do NOT steal the public assets. DO NOT be the cause to hurt someone else. Fighting the corruption starts from you.

3- Remove all dark sticker from your car’s windows. We don’t want more anonymous drivers cause problems.

4- Do NOT share any fake news. Make sure that its resource is reliable. If the news hurts someone, don’t post it in your Facebook wall even though it was true.

5- Do NOT comment or replay to anyone on social media with aggressive way. Try to respect other’s opinion. Listen first, then act accordingly with a good behavior. If the other person insists on his viewpoint, you shouldn’t debate with him anymore.

6- Do your job a 100% perfect. Arrive at you work on time. Leave at the time. Try to serve the other with smile. Try help the other people to get their stuff done. We don’t want any more stressful public service places.

7- BE optimistic. Do not use pessimistic words about Libya. If you feel upset with the current situation, just try to change it without negative actions. Do NOT post on your Facebook account “LIBYA IS OVER”. You have to  say just  “LIBYA IS GOING TO BE OK SOON”

8- Supplicate to ALLAH. Ask Allah every time in your pray to help us getting over it.

9- Advise other Libyans to do the good stuff. Every time you meet your friends, ask them to be  good citizens. Start with sharing this list with your friends.

10- Commit to do all this things in your daily life. We are the reason of the current situation in Libya now. Therefore, we will be the reason to over come all this obstacles. REMEMBER, the chain reaction effect. It will start with you, then will move to others.

2 Ways To Add and Find Your Favorite Places Online


Last January, I talked about establishing your business online on Google Places.  Once people search for a specific business category, they will find a complete list of all businesses and their information. Related: Google Places: Few Steps to Publish your Business Online. It Works Perfect in Benghazi 

But if you want to find, let’s say, a mosque in Benghazi, you won’t find it online unless you ask one of your friends. To find this mosque online and its location on a map, someone has to add this information to any map online.
There are many ways that people can add places on a map online. Google places one of them. This two ways are easier and more informative than any thing else:

1- Using Wikimapia.org 

This website uses the idea of people can add their places. This is the easiest things I found online to add some places. The benefit from this website is people add informal places that no one think to add. It’s not official website that you get official places, but people who are the responsible for these places. The power of people is translated on this map. Go and check it. Try to write any mosque’s name and you will find it easily. Go to wikimapia and add your own places such as your home or your business. As much as people add places, the website will increase its credibility to becomes an important resource.

Screen shot

Screen shot

2- Using Foursquare App

Have you ever checked In using Facebook. Usually people like prove that they are in a specific and spacial place. They share that with other people. What if you find some good information on this place. This is exactly what Foursquare dose.
Foursqaure helps you to check in and gives you some information and people’s review on this place. Foursqaure is an app on your phone and it uses your GPS to locate your location. And then gives you informative review by people, such as best restaurant close to your location. It’s fun, playful, and informative. You can also access to Foursqaure.com  and check some places.


This app uses the power of people, because people who are responsible on adding these places. I use this app daily. I add as many places and review them as much to help other people finding the right information.
People should take advantages of this technology. They can adopt the new way of accessing data and information among this insanely increased technology.

Why Libya Is A Poor Country? يصير منها او لا

Tripoli SkylineLibya is a poor country because of the corruption. Despite the huge oil production, Libya stays as a third world poor country.

Immediately after the revolution, people started to imagine Libya as the new Dubai. Everyone was optimistic about this change. I was thinking the same. However, this dream of becoming a new Dubai in North Africa have vanished due to the current situation. There are to many issues in Libya right now. Political issues, corruption problems, and Civil war on the edge. It looks like we are going to stay a third world country.

Why Libya COULDN’T catch up with the other Developed world? We have all the required resources to become a first world country. This question is resonating in my mind everyday. Until one chapter in a book have answered everything for me.

It started while I was waiting my flight in Istanbul airport, going back to Benghazi after a short visit to Turkey. I have picked a book in the terminal. This book is The Under Cover Economist by TIM HARFORD.

Tim in his book talks about poor countries under the chapter is named Why Poor Countries Are Poor? Immediately I paid for this book, I wanted so badly. Trying to understand his point, which is almost close to my question on Libya.

During my visit to Turkey, I was fascinated by their development world. Turkey in the last five years their GDB have tripled. Turkey has paid off all their debts. Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Turkey in the near future will become the first growing economy in Europe. What’s the relationship between Turkey, Brazil, and Singapore? The common thing is they were so behind of the first world countries. They were poor countries. However, they caught up with other world. Their GDB has dupled. They have invested in man-made resources and human resources. In Turkey, I found places that are amazing even though I couldn’t find them in the US.

In Tim’s book, he describes this theory of catching up as “Dimensional Raising” which is almost the same the economic theory “Dimensional Return”

Dimensional Return is when you add more input, the output gets smaller. For example, If someone works in a company with one computer. This worker should produce a certain a mount of work. If the company gave him another computer, his productivity will increase by using more technology. However, If the company gave him a third computer, his productivity will not increase as the first computer. And with a fourth or fifth computer, his productivity will not increase at all. Therefore, poor countries, once they invest in infrastructure and education, they will gain too much compared to developed rich countries.

When I talk with my friends, I say that we ,as Libyans, can reach the other world easier than we think. Dubai is the best example. They didn’t have to invent the technology, they just have imported the technology. They have built the tallest building in the world. Do they really built it? In short period of time they could do many things that the developed world have taken centuries to do it. They became the Dubai of today and one of the most interested cities just in few years.


Tim has connected the dimensional return theory with the idea of doing things that get results very fast. When a poor country invests in new infrastructure the output will be magnificent compared to the developed countries. If a poor country invests in the education, they will improve the quality of their lives very fast compared to developed countries they will have just more number of unemployed people.

Libya has all the resources to do exactly what UAE did in 90s. Libya is the seventh largest oil reservation in the world, and the first in Africa. We Do have a really interesting location in the heart of the world. Libya has the ability to become a leading country in North Africa and Middle East.

Libya could invest in man-made resources such as infrastructure, and invests in human resources such as education. We don’t have to do anything, we can import everything from the other world. We could employe talent people who are really good at managing and administration. They could manage our life for certain time until we could take the control of our lives. This is simple, Dubai actually didn’t built the tallest building in the world. People form other countries built it for them.

So, after all, WHY Libya CAN’T CATCH UP WITH THE DEVELOPED COUNTRIES? Tim in his book describes that due to the wide spread corruption. Yes, Corruption is the reason of becoming countries poor. Usually, people who are in charge invest in small things just to steal more money and keep hope for ordinary people. If they didn’t invest, they would lose everything at once. Therefore, they manage to keep small investments going on to steal more.

This theory is just rightful in Libya. Libya is one of the most corruption countries in the world according to Transparency International rank. All the natural resources and money have been stoled by people who are in charge.

For 42 years Gaddafi have done this. Libya is transforming to a democratic country. We have elections now, and I hope the people who will take the charge soon are as good as people of Turkey.

Let me know your thoughts about this in the comment section below. Help me to think deeply about Libya. By thinking and planing, we could accomplish something.

5 Ways We Can Improve Our Mosques (تطوير المساجد)


Muslims Pary

It’s the time that we should talk about the religion places in Libya, Mosques.
Usually we don’t criticize the religion places in Libya, as they are perfect as they are!! However, we should mention or recommend some changes to improve the experience of Muslims inside masjds in new era of technology and perfection.
To develop mosques in Libya, we need to add some things to the current situation. Let’s gather some points that will improve how we react and perceive our feeling toward our mosques.


Any mosques should have a website. This is something new in Libya. So, why having a website is helpful. Usually every Neighborhood in Benghazi has at least one mosque. Therefore, it acts as a community center. People who are in charge of the mosque can gather the contact information of their community. Then they can forward and send important news and events through their website. In addition, People can check the prayer time and islamic events on the website.
We should take advantage of the technology that we have today. The Emam gives the Khotbha every friday prayer. The Khotbha (an Islamic Lecture) requires time to be prepared. It’s important to be documented for the future. Thus, recording the Khotbha using a video camera and uploading it to YouTube is the best way to improve the Khotbha. Everyone who enjoys the Khotbha can go back to the mosque’s website and watch it again.
In addition to all that, the website could have Emam’s contact information and other addition important things such as a donation page.

This is an example of a mosque’s website.


There are many places inside mosques that preyers can’t see the Emam. It’s knowing for good engaging with the Emam is through watching and listening at the same time. Places such as women’s prayer rooms are blocked from the main prayer place. As long as we use the technology, we can install a TV and a camera to record and stream the Khotbha live on TVs in side the isolated places.


The problem always is the piles of shoes in front of the mosques. You Finnish your pray and prepare to leave the masjed, then you have to fight to get your shoes. The problem is basically consists of two things. The first is there’s no enough storages to store your shoes. The second thing comes from people who miss order and store their shoes. They just through them on the ground and just get inside to pray. To solve that, we could provide enough space of storage to keep our shoes.

Photo Jun 06, 1 18 17 PM


More than 90% of mosques design is one large prayer space connected directly to the streets.With this layout, we will not have enough space to install the shoes storages. In addition, there’s no a transition space from the street to the mosque. It’s like a hotel without a lobby. Therefore, we should include an open hall (lobby) as a transition space. Then, we could install a good number of shoes storages in this lobby. We can use this space for many things, such as advertisement for the next events and gathering donations. So, architects should include this space in their upcoming new design.

No Lobby

With Lobby


Usually after finishing the pray, some people start leaving, and other just staying a little bit longer. Because we pray on the ground in raws, people start crossing other people who still seated. This way creates a chaos inside mosques.However, if we take the concept of theaters with the idea of aisles, we can create a smoother movements. Instead seating on the side walls, we leave them empty to be used as a clear pathway. So imagine if everyone start to leave take this path!!

Peryer Seats-02

Peryer Seats-01

So, these are a quick points that I observed and decided to write about them here. I’ll keep updating this topic every time I find new things need to be added.


Chain Reaction Effect on Libyan People

Chain Reaction effect

Watch this video first, then keep reading!!

This is what Chain Reaction looks like. Now, imagine if the wooden sticks were the people, and the fire was either good thing or bad thing. People live in clusters. They like living close to each other. They, simply, prefer to live in society.

I have written about the habit among Libyans in one of my topics. If we want to change the Libyan habit, we should change the individuals to change the society .

Social Change

People tend to follow each other. If there’s a new fashion, It’s only a fashion if a certain number of people decided to make it fashionable. We like something only because we like the idea of other people will like too. This is important for a society. People love the idea to be fit within the others. Therefore, If we want to change people’s behavior within their society, we must flame the fire in the sticks.

The fire could be anything good. If we tried one thing and we waited to see the result, It will never work that way. Changes should be consistence, repeated steps. Most importantly, we should remind the people every time about this change. That’s the only way. Ask the people to change every time you meet them. Ask them to do the right things.

Standing in perfect lines

This is a good example of chain reaction. I have taken this photo inside one of Benghazi’s mosques.Chain Reaction

There’s a printed paper is sticking on the wall. It says that prayer should stand on the line. Their heels should be aligned with the back line. It was mounted in the perfect spot. Because people in the first raw will read it. Usually people inside the mosque are so polite that they follow any instructions. So, once people in the first raw read it, they will adjust their position accordingly. The magic will happen. People in the second raw will adjust theirs according to the position to the first raw without reading the paper. Then, the chain reaction will occur among all the other lines.

The idea of the chain reaction is important for our society. Good behavior is easy to spread out as much as the bad things. Sometimes the bad behavior easier to spread out because it carries the reward. Yes, the reward of breaking the regulation as I explained that in my Habit topic.
We should keeping insistence to change Libya. I’m so tired of the way things here is getting done. I keep informing people that what they do is wrong. I know they know it, but I just say it, maybe something it will change. (وذكر) Just keep reminding them until we find the chain reaction within our life.


How We Change The Libyan Habit?

The ultimate guide for Libyan Habit

Imagine that you are driving your car in Benghazi’s streets. You are approaching a traffic light. You want to turn left. And you find the left lane is full of cars, and probably you will miss the green light for the fist time if you stand in the left lane, so you have to wait a little bit longer. At the same time, the middle lane and the right lane are empty. Here, you could choose one of the two choices:

Choice one:

You keep your car in the left lane, waiting for the green light even though you will miss the first one. In this case, you are following the regulations.


Choice Two:

You choose to go to the middle or right lane. Standing there and waiting for the green light. Even though you are not following the regulations, and that causes disorganization in the traffic movement.

Design Road -01

Usually, I do the second choice without thinking. Suddenly, I find myself standing in the wrong lane. I’m just following my habit, not the rules. Many times, when I’m totally aware, I force myself to stand in the left lane where I should turn left.


I notice that more than 95% of Libyans do the second choice. They do that unthinkingly. They do that without thinking. Their auto pilot is taking their action without any permission. In other words, their habit is taking the control.


I have become interested with the idea of habit. Habits could be good or bad. I started digging deep about the psychology of habit especially for Libyan habit. I could identify thousands of bad habits.For example, throughing trashes out of the window while they are driving.

I start looking for more information about the habit. Then, Boom, I found a really good book. The Power of Habit book is really interesting, entertaining, and informative book. I have spent more than 3 weeks reading it. In this topic, I will try to overlay what I have got from the book and the reality of Libyan habit.


Charles Duhigg, the author of the book, explains the habit as a loop contains three parts. The first part is the cue or the trigger, which is the reason that you do things. The second part is the routine, which is the thing you do. The third part is the reward, which is what you win or get after doing things.


For more explanations, think about the smoking habit. People who smoke usually feel they want to smoke when they angry, tired, stressed, or depressed. So, they flame a cigarette. This is the cue. During the smoking they do the second things which is the routine. After they start to smoke they feel relief, which is the reward part. So, every time they feel anything, they think about smoking. They do that many times over and over.This is the structure of the habit.


Duhigg thinks most people think about habit as the only routine. However, once you identify the habit loop, you are half way to change it.


Let me apply the habit loop on my first example of the habit of the traffic light. Once you approach the traffic light, you see the left lane is full of cars. That is the cue. The fullness of cars is the trigger that you don’t want to take longer time stopping at the light. Once you move to the other lanes, the right lane for example, you will establish the routine. If the light traffic becomes green, and you would go faster than people who stand in the left lane. That is the reward part, the third part of the loop. Doing these steps many times and everyday, you became unaware of this habit. That’s our behavior, but our brain is turn off. That’s exactly what happen in Libya.


Wake up Benghazi is a blog that deal with issues related to Benghazi. If we understand the root of any problem, we could find the cure. The habit of Benghazi is basically based on the collective amount of individual habits. In other words, any city is basically a huge habit consists of many habits.

City Habit

Many time you hear some people say that city is more genius than that city. For example, I hear many people say the people New York City are mean. We are talking here about the whole city. One habit could be repeated among the people. One way behavior becomes habitual is through repetition.

In my first example, the traffic light, we could see this habit widespread in Benghazi streets. So, anyone who live out of Benghazi could notice this habit through any traffic light. Keeping doing this habit will result chaos within the city. The most difficult thing, people start do not realize that as a chaos. They start understand this as a good thing.


We all now know the city is basically a huge formation of habit. To change the habit of any city, we have to change the people’s habit who live within the city. However, it’s so hard to do that. Or, it’s impossible to change everyone.

Charles in his book gives some interesting facts on how we change the organization habit. To change the whole city, we have to change the keystone habit. The keystone habit is a powerful habit that if it changed, it could make different and change the other habits. This reaction called the chain reaction. If you change something, it changes the other things.

For example, If we assume that wearing the seat belt is a keystone habit. If we make the people wear it everyday through repetition until it becomes a habit. This habit will change people perception to the social norms. For sure, their driving habit will get better. People will start following the rules on the roads, then they will change the other things such as not throughing trashes out of the windows in streets.

Charles gives an example of the keystone habit in his book. A man who became the CEO of one the biggest companies in metal industry. The only thing this man address in his new challenge was the safety habit. By reducing the amount of people who everyday get injury to zero percent. This man wanted everyone to be in perfect health. The safety habit changed the employee perception to the company. They have changed for better. Their productivity increased, and the profit of the company have increased.

Finding the Keystone habit is the most important part to change Benghazi habit. To change the keystone habit, we need to indentify the cue, routine, and the reward. Then, we can change the routine by using the same cue and getting the same reward.

Usually a great tragedy can change the habit. For example, the revolution have changed some habits in Libya. People became more aware of their rights. However, the revolution generated new bad habits.

My thought on the keystone habit for Libya is the self regulation. If we push up this habit among people, we could gain the reaction chain for other things. We should follow the notion Fake it until you make it.

Charles gave many examples on how you implement the keystone habit among the people. By sandwich it among other things. To influence people to do something good, we need to add the recipe of the good habit between other normal things. Make the new habit familiar without noticing.

How we could do that? How we change the Libyan habit without make them thinking about it?

This is the question need to be address to everyone lives in Libya. Some people says by education. Some people says by applying the technology. And I think by the self regulation.

The habit is what we do unconsciously. Changing the habit could be easy or complicated. However, once we identify the habit and we become eager and welling to change it, you are on the way to change it.

Let me know your thinking. I know you are exhausted of reading this long blog topic. But your thought is important to everyone. Please don’t hesitate commenting in the comment section below.

This 4 Words Are What Libya Needs These Days

We are sticking in the mud. “Libya  is going to hit the wall  البلاد ماشية في الساس “ is the sentence that everyone is saying these days. Yes, we don’t know where we are going. I’m not talking about political issues. However, somehow these issues involve in many things. I’m talking about the general life issues in Libya, at least from my perspective. We are stuck in the middle of no where. All the world is watching us, and what will happen in the next step we take. We have to be efficient to build our country. To build a better life in the future, we have to start now. Yes, right now!! These the four words act as the plan that every Libyan should use in their daily life. We need to organize our life based on this plan. Follow these words.


SEE: See it everyday. Just see your city as the perfect city in the world. Just close your eyes now and see yourself in perfect shape. Just dream you have all good stuff near you. Just imagine how Benghazi looks like in the future. Just dream!! There’s no limit to your dreams. Dreams are free. So, just dream. See the world as one of possibilities rather than constraints. See the path that your city should take to reach what you have imagined. You have to have a dream to live a real dream. Once you have a clear vision on what you and your city should be in the near future, you have to move to the next word.


BELIEVE: Believe that you can change your life. Believe that you can change your environment and your city. Believe that you can change the way things are now and create a new set of life. You should believe in your ability. You should believe that Libyans people have the ability to change Libya with you. Believe that your country have the right resource to establish the country that we are dreaming about. Without believing, we can do nothing. Once you become confident with yourself and your people, you should move to the next thing.


THINK: If you have a dream about that perfect life, and If you believe that you can transform your life, then you should think about how to change it. Think about the changes required to make meaningful transformation possible, and create a realistic plan. Plan first is what we all should do first. Planing, planing, and planing first. The life should be like this. Everything should be planned first, then the execution comes. However, what i have witnessed in Libya is the execution comes first without planing. Planing reduces errors later by 30%. Once you decide to build your new dream house, you will prepare some blueprints (خرائط) first, then you will start construction your house. And our life should be the same. Take 15 min every morning to plan your day, then start your day. You should include everything you are going to do. Libya needs a plan for next day, next week, next year, and the next 100 years. So, planing could be constructed for different duration. Thinking and planing are the most important part of our life. Without deep thinking we never accomplishing anything.


ACT: Once you have seen everything, and have done a perfect plan, you can now start acting. Acting is the steps of execution. This step is to carry out and make some effort to finsh your plans. I was thinking a lot about starting this blog, and I just did it. Don’t stuck in just thinking a lot, just act. Don’t talk a lot, just act. Once you start acting, you will feel accomplished. It’s a great feeling. I feel so happy while I’m writing this article. I was thinking and planing to write, and I just now acting what I have seen, believed, and planned.


Libya needs everyone effort to get out from the mud. Libya needs to real honest Libyans who have a vision and ability to act.



Change Your Environment To Change Benghazi

Benghazi CityLast days I was  thinking deeply about my life and how it’s going to be in the future. I made a quick review on my last 6 months. I’m not satisfied with results. I was working out every day. Now, I’m not. I was eating healthy food. Now, I’m not. I was reading every night some articles and some favorite pages of my books. Now, I’m not. I was posting some optimistic posts on FaceBook. Now, I’m not. I was happier than now. I was more organize than now. My life looks now disaster, which reflects on everything I feel and do.

So, I start comparing my life in the last six months with my life nowadays to understand the reasons that cause these changes. I came back from the US last summer and my daily routine was perfect. Living last six months in Libya and among Libyans could be one of the reasons. So, I assume that the last six months was the transactional period  between the two environments. In other words, I had lived in an environment that is totally different than my environment here in Libya. I assume this is one of the reasons which changes people including me. Sure enough the culture plays the most important factor on who you are and how you think.

To expand your thinking more, I have read the You Are Not So Smart book. It’s a great book to read. The author of this book owns a blog. One of his podcasts talks about where you live controls how you think.

Studies show that your thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and behaviors in response to a particular setting will reliably differ from those of others in that same setting depending on where you spent your childhood or even where you spent six years or more of your adult life.

In his podcast, the author and his gust discuss the culture of owner. In other words, where you grow up and live effect directly to your thinking and behavior. If you are interested, here is the episode link.

Another approach is how our environment shapes our behavior. Managing and designing your surrounding means you are changing your environment. I mean here changing the objects around you to motivate you to do something useful. For example, If you put your floss in the drawer, It can reduce your ability and motivation to floss every morning. However, If you put it beside your toothbrush, it could trigger a signal that says that you should floss your teeth. This approach could be beneficial for you by changing your environment to do good stuff. James Clear talks in details in his blog. This link could explain to you many things which could change your life to a healthy life without thinking about it.

From the two explanations, it’s obvious the environment plays the main part of how we live our life. It could be on a wide range and large scale such as your country and your city. And it could be on small range such as your room. However, the environment is connected with the people who live within it, and you are connected to both, Environment and the people. It’s difficult to manage your environment that other people also are managing this environment. For example, you are sharing your neighborhood environment with your neighbors. Therefore, if you want to make some changes, they should be connected to that change. In other word, to change your shared environment, you need a team work to change it.

Think about Benghazi and how you could change it for a better life. The change wouldn’t come from one person. It should come from the whole community. Many times I get annoyed with people who surrounded me and I say I’m going to design my own environment. I going to build a box made of glass and live within it. I’m going to wear a filter on my face and breath with it. However, that solution could not be the perfect one. It couldn’t change Benghazi. The best way the change Benghazi is with the team work. That’s why we need keeping educate Libyans on how they could change their environment without thinking about it. In Benghazi, we need a plan of change that we stuck in it without awareness and thinking. This plan will change our environment, so we will change our thinking and behavior.

To sum up, you can’t say that’s my environment and I can’t change. Don’t let it change you. Instead, you should change it to change your thinking and behavior. The change comes with team work. You can change your home environment for better one in order your kids grow smarter and more aware of difficulties. And you should team up with others to change your shared environment.

What are the best steps to fire up a plan of change for Benghazi? Please share your thoughts below in comment section.