Service with Smile: The Best New Experience in Benghazi (وراس امك اضحك)

Posted by Mutaz Gedalla

cashier-job-interviewالابتسامة في وجه اخيك صدقة |You go to a resturant in Benghazi and order a pizza. You pay MONEY for the Pizza. The cashier receives the money, and you take the Pizza and leave. That’s It.


Do you think this is the only thing? You’ve missed the feeling. The way you experience yourself in this restaurant by how you interact with people. Did they smile for you because you pay for them? Did they appreciate that you make their profits go higher? In Benghazi, Of course NO!

If you are a business owner and live in Benghazi, Please keep reading!

Service with smile

I don’t know why I pay for things and I can’t get a smile. It’s Free. Service with smile is so important for your business. As a customer, I appreciate the people who smile for me (and you do of course).

A smile for example can massively impact the customers’ overall experience of the brand and can ultimately influence what brands they stay loyal to. After all, there is a reason why the term ‘service with a smile’ is a holy mantra in the retail sphere.

Everyday, New retail stores or restaurants open the doors and start new business. For the customers, they are more choices to pick. More brands. New brands will keep coming to the Libyan market everyday. You need to recognize  yourself among all the new competitors. One of the tools that you can use it in your business is the customer service that you provide.

I remember 10 years ago in Benghazi, restaurants and retail sorts did not pay attention to their store decor (their interior design). Today, every new business  pays a great attention to the decor of “المحل”, because they know it will bring more customers (المحل راقي). In the next years, new tools will show up such as smiling to increase customers satisfaction. Yes, Smiling will become one of the experience that will be all around  Benghazi. By smiling, you will enhance your image and brand to your costumers as enhancing your interior design by the decor, so they will love you. They will become your loyal costumers.

It therefore comes as no surprise that customer satisfaction significantly increases when they receive a genuine smile. Why? Because it makes a customer feel valued, which is a big part of the in-store offering.

What makes the Bank of Commerce and Development (مصرف التجارة والتنمية ) the number one bank in Benghazi? Yes, you are smiling now!! That’s true. Their customer service the best among the Libyan Banks.

Just smile!!

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