Top 5 Libyan Pages on Facebook with “Fans”

Age and Percentage According to, there are almost one million Libyans on Facebook. Male to Female percentage is 66.2% male compared with 33.8% female. The user age distribution is 36.1% for 25-34, and 32.1%for 18-24.

Did you ask yourself which Libyan pages on Facebook most Libyans are fans with? Check this list for the statistics of the top Facebook pages from Libya for the year 2014.

5- فيس بوك ليبيا : 

with 285K Likes

Libya Facebook

4- ليبيا HD: 

With 268K Likes

Libya HD

3- منتدى الكساد: 

With 268K Likes

منتدى الكساد

2- ليبيا فقط : 

With 365K Likes

Only Libya

1- الخال : 

The most Libyan page on Facebook with more than 664K Likes


Do you know them all? These are Libyan pages were created in Libya by Libyan people. This list was ranked based on the number of likes for each, up to today’s date (Jan 2014).


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