8 Lessons Learned from the Young Libyan National Football Team

Libya National Football Team 2014

After 32 years, Libyan National Team have taken the revenge. Libya won African Nations Championship (CHAN 2014) after beating Ghana in the final.  The Mediterranean Knights wrote new history for Libya. They put us on the map finally. As a Libyan, I’m so proud of them. We need to understand this victory is not a luck, it’s the result of many many things to combine together. We should take some lessons from these young players. Here’s some lessons we could find:

Defining the success: 

We learned what is the success. When I said a success, not personal success, but national success. we have to learn how to be successful for a country. We should understand that personal success is for one person. national success is for all people, and it has the meaningful reason. So, when you develop your life, think about your country first and how you are going to participate to improve it as well.

Prepare well:

Nothing comes without a plan first. These boys prepared well before the games started. They have prepared everyday for one reason, Libya. They understand before the game that their roles on the field, not another place. Everyone prepared well physically, mentally and emotionally.

Seek new Passion:

Libyan team teach us the passion. Be passionate with what you do everyday. They became passionate with their goals. With the winning to cup. After this cup, Libyans seek new goals with passion to reach new limitation as a country. We could be anything good among the other nations if we seek new passion everyday.

Exceed your limitation :

These young Libyan players taught us how to trust in your ability and exceed the limitation. They have played three games in row, each game is more than 120 minutes. This is a new record for a team that plays three games in  row and win each of them. Trust in yourself, and be aware that the limit is the sky.


When they travelled to South Africa, they made a pledge. They committed to be the number one in this cup. They committed to make all Libyan People happy,and they accomplished their goals.

Trust in young people:

The stereotype is with experience you could  be successful. This young team, with ages between 18-25, brought to us the victory that never could be reached with other generation. Young people have the motivation to success, not older people who have another agenda to serve themselves.

They love each other:

The secret is they love each other. When you do your job, you have to be grateful with your team. In this game, there’s no a place for hate or aversion. Therefore, our duty in Libya should be full of love to each other. Countries became one of the greatest in the world by working together by love.

 The Unity:

This is the most important lesson for us as Libyans. The Libyan team composed of every part in Libya. From Benghazi, Tripoli, Misrata, AlZawia,  and other Libyan cities. They played as one team for one thing, Libya. We should learn that by unity we could reach and exceed our limitations. Everyone was thinking to rise Libyan flag, not their cites. They successes to unify us as well. All cites went out to streets at the same time to celebrate and we felt as one body.

2 thoughts on “8 Lessons Learned from the Young Libyan National Football Team

  1. Osama February 2, 2014 / 8:31 pm

    You make the point of a young team and try to compare it to an older men. Physically a 25 yr old will run circles around the 50 year old player. Also you fail to mention the importance of the seasoned and skilled foreign coach Clemente that was brought on to coach this amazing team of Libyan youth.

    • mutaz20042000 February 2, 2014 / 9:17 pm

      Thank you for your comment.
      You are right, Clemente added the best experience and improve the team. However, without the spirit of these young, we couldn’t see the victory.

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