Change Your Environment To Change Benghazi

Benghazi CityLast days I was  thinking deeply about my life and how it’s going to be in the future. I made a quick review on my last 6 months. I’m not satisfied with results. I was working out every day. Now, I’m not. I was eating healthy food. Now, I’m not. I was reading every night some articles and some favorite pages of my books. Now, I’m not. I was posting some optimistic posts on FaceBook. Now, I’m not. I was happier than now. I was more organize than now. My life looks now disaster, which reflects on everything I feel and do.

So, I start comparing my life in the last six months with my life nowadays to understand the reasons that cause these changes. I came back from the US last summer and my daily routine was perfect. Living last six months in Libya and among Libyans could be one of the reasons. So, I assume that the last six months was the transactional period  between the two environments. In other words, I had lived in an environment that is totally different than my environment here in Libya. I assume this is one of the reasons which changes people including me. Sure enough the culture plays the most important factor on who you are and how you think.

To expand your thinking more, I have read the You Are Not So Smart book. It’s a great book to read. The author of this book owns a blog. One of his podcasts talks about where you live controls how you think.

Studies show that your thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and behaviors in response to a particular setting will reliably differ from those of others in that same setting depending on where you spent your childhood or even where you spent six years or more of your adult life.

In his podcast, the author and his gust discuss the culture of owner. In other words, where you grow up and live effect directly to your thinking and behavior. If you are interested, here is the episode link.

Another approach is how our environment shapes our behavior. Managing and designing your surrounding means you are changing your environment. I mean here changing the objects around you to motivate you to do something useful. For example, If you put your floss in the drawer, It can reduce your ability and motivation to floss every morning. However, If you put it beside your toothbrush, it could trigger a signal that says that you should floss your teeth. This approach could be beneficial for you by changing your environment to do good stuff. James Clear talks in details in his blog. This link could explain to you many things which could change your life to a healthy life without thinking about it.

From the two explanations, it’s obvious the environment plays the main part of how we live our life. It could be on a wide range and large scale such as your country and your city. And it could be on small range such as your room. However, the environment is connected with the people who live within it, and you are connected to both, Environment and the people. It’s difficult to manage your environment that other people also are managing this environment. For example, you are sharing your neighborhood environment with your neighbors. Therefore, if you want to make some changes, they should be connected to that change. In other word, to change your shared environment, you need a team work to change it.

Think about Benghazi and how you could change it for a better life. The change wouldn’t come from one person. It should come from the whole community. Many times I get annoyed with people who surrounded me and I say I’m going to design my own environment. I going to build a box made of glass and live within it. I’m going to wear a filter on my face and breath with it. However, that solution could not be the perfect one. It couldn’t change Benghazi. The best way the change Benghazi is with the team work. That’s why we need keeping educate Libyans on how they could change their environment without thinking about it. In Benghazi, we need a plan of change that we stuck in it without awareness and thinking. This plan will change our environment, so we will change our thinking and behavior.

To sum up, you can’t say that’s my environment and I can’t change. Don’t let it change you. Instead, you should change it to change your thinking and behavior. The change comes with team work. You can change your home environment for better one in order your kids grow smarter and more aware of difficulties. And you should team up with others to change your shared environment.

What are the best steps to fire up a plan of change for Benghazi? Please share your thoughts below in comment section.

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