The Complexity of Libyan Situation

Do you think you can understand what is the main problem in Libya now? Some reports say Western intervention is the reason behind what happened in Libya now. Some say it’s a civil war and the reality of Libyan people! 
Don’t worry of getting lost, it’s really complicated situation in Libya now. It started more than 45 years ago when Gaddafi coup The Kingdom of Libya. 
I’m trying to connect every single issue that caused the current situation. I’m trying to understand what is going on!
Most of my focus was on social human behavior, which is the reason of all the current issues. However, once I connected everything together, I found it deeply complicated. 
This diagram (or  map) visualizes my thinking, and makes it simple to understand what is the big issue. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure it out. And that doesn’t worry me because I believe the change will eventually happen and fix all these complex problems. 

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