What Does A Successful Country Look Like?

When it comes to Libya, I usually try to find ways to measure and improve my environment. One of the tools I found  and I was fascinated with is the Social Progress Index.
How to measure a country as if it is successful or not? One answer is by GDP. GDP is the income per person in a certain country. In other words, GDP is how much they earn annually. Using this tool to measure is what we know today. For example, Usually people say Turkey is becoming a developed country that their GDP had doubled. As a result, using the economic growth as a tool to determine the success of a country is the most reliable way.

According to UN, Libya GDP is $74,597. If we compare Libya GDP with Jordan GDP, which is $33,596, we interpret that Libya is more successful than Jordan, which is not true. Jordan is more successful country in this time than Libya as it is becoming failed state. Because of Oil, Libya economically more successful that Jordan. Thus, taking the GDP as a measurement tool is not accurate.

Many efforts have emerged to measure the success of a nation. Social Progress Index is one of those and the most popularity.

This tool measures the basic needs of people lives, such as food and shelter and how it reflect on their life quality. The main purpose  of this tool is to show how every country does.  Additionally, it’s good tool to define problems in a nation and  to solve it.

The Social Progress Imperative’s mission is to improve the quality of lives of people around the world, particularly the least well off, by advancing global social progress. The Social Progress Index provides a robust, holistic and innovative measurement tool to guide countries’ choices to enable greater social progress and foster research and knowledge-sharing on the policies and investments that will best achieve that goal.

Social Progress Index measures these principles:

For Libya, it’s hard to define the problem, especially with this huge empty land. Brazil, for example, is huge land with high population, they use the Social Progress Framework to define and locate problems in more than 200 municipal. As a result, they improved life quality in many areas that suffer before.

Unfortunately, Social Progress Index doesn’t measure Libya among the other 50 states in 2014. However, we could adopt the methodology to reach the quality and equality among Libyan cities.  Officials could use the framework to figure out where is problem in many cities in Libya. There are many places, especially in the south, face real problems in terms of life quality. It hard to notice the real problems, and it’s too difficult to find the shared hidden problems in different geographic locations. So using this tool to measure the overall life in these places would define the problem and solve it.

This is the top 20 in 2014:

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