Administrative commercial project

It’s been a while since my last post here. Architect life is unpredictable. Sometime we have a lot of free time, and other time we get really busy. 
As you know Benghazi is going through tough time this year as war continues. However, people of Benghazi keep their life going on. It’s like nothing happening. Most impartiality, they are optimistic about the near future. 

In our firm, Assarh  we usually deal with investors who have good real states locations. The latest client is going to invest in a large project located in the heart of Benghazi. 

The project composes of two main sections. The first one is 5 office buildings with 2 mid-size banks. The second section is 36 small retail shops and 12 large shopping hall. 

At Assarh  we wanted the final design to be as simple as possible with modern finishing. We started with designing the main zoning classification with main roads/entrances network on the site. The first weeks we faced a lot of difficulties in the parking lot size. The client doesn’t want to spend a lot of the land on parking. This issue we usually face with most of our Libyan clients, they buy the land, which cost them a lot, and they don’t want waste some areas on free parking lot while rules and restrictions buy the government are lost. As our responsibility, we tried to provide multiple solutions, such as parking multi store Garage and underground parking. Unfortunately he refused all these solutions. The final solution we reach is to implant parking lot in the middle of the site and lifting the ground floor of office buildings. Here is some drawings: 

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