4 Things We Stopped Doing After 2011

For security reasons or the lack of powerful government and real institutions, these are some of what we stopped doing after 2011 revolution.

1- Carrying your driver’s license

Men, women and kids drive their cars in Benghazi, and NO one cares if he or she carries his or her driver’s license. It becomes something extra to put it in your wallet. I see many kids, who are probably younger than 18 years old, drive cars without supervision. No one asks you where is your driver’s license. Lately, carrying your ID (any photo ID) is required only for checkpoints when the army asks you who you are?

2- Registering your new car

Again with cars, but this time is the car registration. What I can see on the roads is more than half of the cars without plates. People sell and buy cars everyday without registering this new car. This issue seems not going to be solved soon without chasing who doesn’t have plates.

3- Paying your electricity bills

Constantly power cut encourages people to not pay their bills. When the service is subsidized by the state, and there is no powerful government, people will not pay their bills. Only if they look at this issue from a different perspective, paying their bills will improve their electricity network as it being maintained frequently.

4- Going out after 12 am

When I was an architecture student, I used to study with one of my friends at his house for long hours. Therefore, going out late and driving back home was not an issue before 2011. Today, it’s too dangerous to go out after 12 am for many reasons. The only exception is Ramadan. In this holy month because we fast during the day, we can stay out to the dawn as no one sleep.

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