2 Ways To Add and Find Your Favorite Places Online


Last January, I talked about establishing your business online on Google Places.  Once people search for a specific business category, they will find a complete list of all businesses and their information. Related: Google Places: Few Steps to Publish your Business Online. It Works Perfect in Benghazi 

But if you want to find, let’s say, a mosque in Benghazi, you won’t find it online unless you ask one of your friends. To find this mosque online and its location on a map, someone has to add this information to any map online.
There are many ways that people can add places on a map online. Google places one of them. This two ways are easier and more informative than any thing else:

1- Using Wikimapia.org 

This website uses the idea of people can add their places. This is the easiest things I found online to add some places. The benefit from this website is people add informal places that no one think to add. It’s not official website that you get official places, but people who are the responsible for these places. The power of people is translated on this map. Go and check it. Try to write any mosque’s name and you will find it easily. Go to wikimapia and add your own places such as your home or your business. As much as people add places, the website will increase its credibility to becomes an important resource.

Screen shot
Screen shot

2- Using Foursquare App

Have you ever checked In using Facebook. Usually people like prove that they are in a specific and spacial place. They share that with other people. What if you find some good information on this place. This is exactly what Foursquare dose.
Foursqaure helps you to check in and gives you some information and people’s review on this place. Foursqaure is an app on your phone and it uses your GPS to locate your location. And then gives you informative review by people, such as best restaurant close to your location. It’s fun, playful, and informative. You can also access to Foursqaure.com  and check some places.


This app uses the power of people, because people who are responsible on adding these places. I use this app daily. I add as many places and review them as much to help other people finding the right information.
People should take advantages of this technology. They can adopt the new way of accessing data and information among this insanely increased technology.

هذا خلقي | Code Of Ethics for Libyans

Code of ethics November 2013, a group of Libyan people started an invitation to all Libyans called My Code of Ethics. This charter is a pledge that everyone who wants to participate should swear to follow the codes. These people started their invitation by creating a Facebook page (مبادرة هذا خلقي). They printed the codes of ethics as stamps that if you agree to follow the codes  you should stick it on your car. Or a logo you stick it on your shirt. Once you put the pledge, that means you are a member of people who swear to the codes of ethics.  Usually large companies use code of ethics to guide their employees to understand what is right and wrong. For Libyans, we need like these guides to follow.

Here’s what they describe themselves.

في هذه المرحلة من تاريخ ليبيا وما تشهده من عدم استقرار، ولدت هذه المبادرة لتعزيز الرادع الأخلاقي للسلبيات المنتشرة في المجتمع في ظل ضعف الرادع القانوني والرقابي ومن خلال مجموعة من المواطنين الليبيين لا ينتمون لحزب أو لطائفة أو لقبيلة أو لجهة؛ انتماؤهم فقط لليبيا.
والمبادرة عبارة عن ميثاق شرف «عهد» يتعهد من يقبلها طوعاً بالالتزام بما فيه من نقاط ايجابية لنشر ثقافة السلوكيات المحترمة والآداب العامة والمحافظة على البيئة

يتم منح شعار المبادرة بأشكاله المختلفة حسب الطلب على هيئة ملصق عاكس يتم لصقه على السيارة، أو أيقونة تعلق على سترة، أو شهادة توضع في برواز، أو غيرها من الصور، لكل من تعهد بالالتزام بما ورد في ميثاق المبادرة، ويرمز من خلال إبراز هذا الشعار بأشكاله وصوره المختلفة إلي انضمامه للمبادرة والتزامه بها

As my blog is about changing Benghazi, I had to mention these people as we all ask for one thing, Changing for better life in this historical time in Libya.

Here’s the list of all the things that TO SWEAR NOT TO DO:

  1. I swear I will not shot guns on the air as a description of my happiness.
  2. I swear I will not drive my car on the sidewalk
  3. I swear I will not park my car in the wrong spot
  4. I swear I will not cross the red light in the traffic light
  5. I swear I will not steal the government money
  6. I swear I will not take bribes
  7. I swear I will not buy from any Illegal retail
  8. I swear I will not participate in distribution the rumors
  9. I swear I will not through my trash out of my car window
  10. I swear I will not waste a lot of water
  11. I swear I will not make noise and  disturb the others
  12. I swear I will not support any militia
  13. I swear I will not disrespect the police man
  14. I swear I will not give a bribe
  15. I swear I will not sell any subsidized products
  16. I swear I will not have any salary from the government without working
  17. I swear I will not block the roads
  18. I swear I will not waste the electricity
  19. I swear I will not drive in the opposite direction
  20. I swear I will not drive my car without plates

You can participate by filling their application from this link

For more information you can visit their Facebook page.

If we want to change out community and life, we should swear to do the good things. The change start from you as individual then will spread out to your community.

Please share with us your thoughts, and If you have started any charter , let me know.

Top 5 Libyan Pages on Facebook with “Fans”

Age and Percentage According to Socialbakers.com, there are almost one million Libyans on Facebook. Male to Female percentage is 66.2% male compared with 33.8% female. The user age distribution is 36.1% for 25-34, and 32.1%for 18-24.

Did you ask yourself which Libyan pages on Facebook most Libyans are fans with? Check this list for the statistics of the top Facebook pages from Libya for the year 2014.

5- فيس بوك ليبيا : 

with 285K Likes

Libya Facebook

4- ليبيا HD: 

With 268K Likes

Libya HD

3- منتدى الكساد: 

With 268K Likes

منتدى الكساد

2- ليبيا فقط : 

With 365K Likes

Only Libya

1- الخال : 

The most Libyan page on Facebook with more than 664K Likes


Do you know them all? These are Libyan pages were created in Libya by Libyan people. This list was ranked based on the number of likes for each, up to today’s date (Jan 2014).

Source Socialbakers.com