Driving in lane Simplify your Way: Discover the Benefit of Driving in Lanes in Benghazi

Posted by Mutaz Gedalla

404HOV_laneBy driving in lanes, you will reach your destination faster , easier, and safer.

Benghazi’s traffic issue is the disorganization on the road.

Everyday, you drive from home to work, work to home. You feel that you under the Pressure  during  the rush hours (most heavily traffic time ) around 11am to 2 pm and 5pm to 7pm. In this time, you usually avoid getting out and driving your Kia or Hyundai car in Benghazi (especially at Downtown “البلاد”), because you know that you will get stuck in the traffic. Everyone gets out in this time. Streets and highways are full of cars, and the traffic moves too slowly. You blame the government for the unconvienit highways and better streets. That’s true. However, the way you drive is one of the issue. So, how we could fix our driving behavior?

Let’s break down the main points of  driving problems and traffic jam in our lovely city Benghazi.

First , the city infrastructure :

We all know that Gaddafi did not pay attention to Benghazi’s infrastructure for 42 years. Therefore, the roads and highways are totally disaster. Even though, after 17th Feb, we’re still waiting for the money to invest in the city’s infrastructure. In addition, City’s street are to0 tight. They should be wider especially the number of cars in Benghazi is hitting limitation and getting up everyday.

Second, the numbers of cars in Benghazi: 

Everyone is a dealer (سمسار). Everyone can buy a car from US or Korea. And thanks to the internet and some websites like http://www.Copart.com that makes biding and buying cars so easy that you can do it and you are sitting in Bukrj Cafe. Bringing too many cars plus the prices is cheap to get one, make it easier to have a car. Just ask yourself how many cars in your home now!!. Too many cars with almost no infrastructure , good roads and highways, that is where the problem relays.

Third, the way Libyans drive:

Do you think you are a good driver? if you think so, you should kill yourself. Everyone thinks he/she a good driver. But wait!! you are  really a good driver if you just flow the regulations. That’s Benghazi’s driving problem. No one follows the regulations, which causes  jam traffic.  I will write in detail about the regulation or driving behavior to another day.

These reasons and many others create  congestion in Benghazi’s streets. So, how to solve these issues now ? The first one, the infrastructure it could be fixed easily by  investing more money. However, it takes too much time. The second one, we can’t  keep off  people  importing cars. Moreover, if there’s money, people would buy more than car, wouldn’t they? I love that if I own more than one car!!


So what thing you could do tomorrow morning to have a better way of driving? By driving in lanes, you will reach your destination faster , easier, and safer.

Lans are spaces on the road. The road is usually divided to 2 or more lanes. Every lane should be determined by its speed. The devision is basically a white dashed line. It usually painted by a specific type of painting. Not like we have here that the second day will disappear. The use of lanes is so easy. Keep your car in one lane. While you are driving on the road, pay attention to your lanes. You should keeping using your lane unless you going to turn or change your lanes. Usually the right lane for slower traffic  and for existing the road, parking, or turning to another direction. The lift lane for faster traffic. When you change your lane, you should make sure it’s safe, and turn on you signal light.

More info about lanes 


Here, in Benghazi, everyone drives without any consideration about lanes. Some people think the dashed line should be in the middle beneath the car, so they have one tire on lane and the other on another lane. Many roads and highways do not have the dashed lines, I know, but you can see it so fade, or you can imagine there are lines.

I think it is easy to do it tomorrow!!. IF EVERYONE do this, we will have seamlessly and smooth driving experience. This will make the traffic organizer and less accidents. It creates a pattern of cars . You and I will reach our home faster, easier, and safer.

Many roads have two or more lanes going in your direction. If you can choose among three lanes on your side of the road, pick the middle lane for the smoothest driving. Use the left lane to go faster, pass, or turn left. Use the right lane to drive slowly, enter, or turn off the road. Position your vehicle to keep up with the traffic flow. Don’t drive in a bike lane except when making a turn, entering or leaving an alley, private road or driveway, or when you need to cross the bike lane to park near the curb. Carpool lanes are made specifically for the buses or vehicles with 2 or 3 passengers to decrease the use of fuel, air pollution and lessen the traffic on the road.

When you change lanes, wait until there is a clear gap in the traffic, look in the mirrors and only after that start the maneuver. Merging requires the same sequence of actions.

So, Please drive in lanes!!

If you are Benghazino, and you have any thoughts, comments, and ideas share them with us!!