2 Ways To Add and Find Your Favorite Places Online


Last January, I talked about establishing your business online on Google Places.  Once people search for a specific business category, they will find a complete list of all businesses and their information. Related: Google Places: Few Steps to Publish your Business Online. It Works Perfect in Benghazi 

But if you want to find, let’s say, a mosque in Benghazi, you won’t find it online unless you ask one of your friends. To find this mosque online and its location on a map, someone has to add this information to any map online.
There are many ways that people can add places on a map online. Google places one of them. This two ways are easier and more informative than any thing else:

1- Using Wikimapia.org 

This website uses the idea of people can add their places. This is the easiest things I found online to add some places. The benefit from this website is people add informal places that no one think to add. It’s not official website that you get official places, but people who are the responsible for these places. The power of people is translated on this map. Go and check it. Try to write any mosque’s name and you will find it easily. Go to wikimapia and add your own places such as your home or your business. As much as people add places, the website will increase its credibility to becomes an important resource.

Screen shot
Screen shot

2- Using Foursquare App

Have you ever checked In using Facebook. Usually people like prove that they are in a specific and spacial place. They share that with other people. What if you find some good information on this place. This is exactly what Foursquare dose.
Foursqaure helps you to check in and gives you some information and people’s review on this place. Foursqaure is an app on your phone and it uses your GPS to locate your location. And then gives you informative review by people, such as best restaurant close to your location. It’s fun, playful, and informative. You can also access to Foursqaure.com  and check some places.


This app uses the power of people, because people who are responsible on adding these places. I use this app daily. I add as many places and review them as much to help other people finding the right information.
People should take advantages of this technology. They can adopt the new way of accessing data and information among this insanely increased technology.

Steps to Online Shopping in Libya

credit-card-online-shoppingLast Week, my uncle asked me about online shopping when I was checking my email on my laptop . His question was simple “How to buy products online?”.  For a moment, I said that you could asked me this question 10 years ago. However, I realized that many Libyan people do not understand what is Online Shopping.

Outside Libya, the rest of the world, has been using the online shopping for over than two decades. Libya could establish the Online Shopping if it provides the basic requirments. The next steps are to show you how Libya could success and thrive in this section:

1- First step is we need the internet connection:LTT

LTT (Libya Telecom and Technology) is the only local internet provider in Libya. People complain about the speed and monthly limitation for downloads. Yes, they are right. The internet is not fast and it’s too bad and the worst in the world according to some statistics. The internet connection is really bad for video streaming and downloading. However, for browsing, it’s good. For browsing some online shopping websites (Amazon and Ebay) is perfect. Therefore, the first step we already have it.

2- Second Step is the electronic payment: credit-cards_2007247b

When it comes to payment, the issues start to flow. Most Libyans do not have any type of online payment. Electronic payment is how you pay money without real money or paper check. Electronic payment include credit card or Debit card (Visa, Master Card, or American Express). In the last three years, some Libyan banks start providing some method of electronic payment, such as مصرف التجارة والتنمية. So, to be able to do shopping online, you have to have one of these cards. You can get one for internet use only.

3- Third step is the Shipping company: Fedex

To be able to receive your product that you bought  online, you need someone to deliver it to you. Here is the big problem in Libya. There’re not shipping companies in Libya. In other words, we don’t have a reliable institution to deliver the product wherever you are. The are some international companies, such as Fedex, DHL, and UPS. However, there are limited in terms of delivery directly to you.The best company now is Aramex. I made an account with them, but it’s too expensive to use.

4- Fourth step is your address:location

Your address is your location. Your main address is you home address. If you want to receive your products, you need to provide your address. There’s no address in Libya. Yes, many people from outside Libya ask me about my address, Unfortunately, we don’t have. The address is so simple. It contains your home number, your street name, your neighbor name, and your city. The government said that is going to make address for every house in Libya. When?? I have no Idea.

So, In order to be able to enjoy shopping online, you need all these steps. Now, people use the internet and their cellphones number in order to sell or buy something. The other steps are missing.Libya people start their own online shopping using social media. I’ve seen a lot of people sell their stuff on Facebook by providing the product image and some information and his/her cell phone. This is the easiest way to shop online in Libya right now. These steps is for convince shopping. wait for the future. I’m sure it’s better.

What do you think about Online Shopping in Libya now? and How it’s going to be active? Let me know your opinion.