5 Things Libya Sits On The Top Of The World

Posted by Mutaz Gedalla

Every time when I surf the internet, I come up across many lists that are ranked some countries as the top. From the largest countries in car production list to the lowest number of unemployment rate.  I have wondered what we are good at or what we are bad at? Are we just sits among the world in the shade. How Libya to become the number one in anything? It turns out we are sit on some lists as number one. Here’s the 5 things we are the number one in the world:

1- No 1 in population Growth Rate

According to The Central Intelligent Agency (CIA), in 2013, Libya is the number one in the population rate by 4.85%. Which means Libya is the most country where the avarage percent change in the population occurred in a year. By more births compared to the number of death and the number of migrants inter Libya or leave it. Here’s the list

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 10.41.19 PM
Top Population Growth Rate in the World

2- No 1 in the slowest internet connection

I’m Struggling somehow with typing this topic in WordPress. That’s why I’m pretty sure we are the slowest internet connection in the world. LTT  is the only company provider for internet connection in Libya. There’s no competitors, so there is only high profit for LTT with awful internet connection. According to the research held previous year in the crowd of the internet using countries the slow internet connection having countries are as below:

Slowest Net
The Slowest Internet Connection

3- No 1 in Net  Migration Rate

According to The Central Intelligent Agency (CIA), in 2013, Libya is the number one in net migration rate. In other words, the number of people who enter or leave a country during a  year per 1000 persons. The net migration rate indicates the contribution of migration to the overall level of population change. In my view, this is a stunning data, because I didn’t notice this rate on streets.

Migration Rate
Top Migration Rate

4- No 1 in the world’s most dangerous roads

According to the General Directorate of Traffic Statistics, there has been a rise in the number of people killed on Libya’s roads.  The Libyan new agency LANA has quoted the directorate saying that 2,728 people were killed in 2,112 traffic accidents between the beginning of January and the end of November last year.

Please drive safe and be carful of the roads

Most Dangerous Roads
The Most Dangerous Roads

5- No 1 in Industrial Production Growth Rate 

Thanks to the Oil. After the revolution in 2011, oil production completely stopped. In 2012, Libya started producing oil again, almost as the rate before the revolution, which made Libya, According to CIA, the most production rate in 2012.