Google Places: Few Steps to Publish your Business Online. It Works Perfect in Benghazi

Posted by Mutaz Gedalla

google-places-startDid you try to search for the best restaurant in Benghazi on Google Maps?

I remember when I decide to teach my wife to drive. I was looking for a place to call or to go. I was Looking  for a Driving School . In Benghazi, of course, there are a lot. I started looking for a school by asking people for recommendation. It have taken me to much time to get a cell phone number of a women who will be able to teach my wife to drive. I got her phone number based on recommendations by some friends.

In the US, I used to search for any business online. As soon as I write the name on google, It shows  me all the possible places with all information. For example, If I want to find a driving school in Atlanta, I just write “Driving School in Atlanta” on Google Search or in Google Maps, and a list of businesses will show up. In addition, I can check the reviews (From one start to five start) which people  give this review.  I usually pick the best place with highest review and close enough from my home. Then, I can click on a Driving School name on google. It will give me all the information that I need, such as their website, Phone numbers, full address, and open hours.

Back to our world here in Benghazi. I tried to search for a driving school close to my location on Google Maps, and I couldn’t find any result. There are less information about businesses online in Benghazi. The information about Business places on Google was done by the Business owners themselves. It’s so easy to add your information online through Google Places.

Benefits of using Google Places

Adding your business information online is a five minutes work. However, the benefits you will gain as a bussniess owner and as a customer are high. Your business information will reach millions of people who will search for a similar business in your location. They can get  your information online. They will evaluate your service based on their satisfactions. As a customer, you will find everything you looking for in your location by one click. With the use of smart phones everyday, and use of Google Maps App, It’s essential to put your business on the map.Check Benefits of using Google Places.

How to create a List on Google Places?

I’m an architect at Assarch, (Google Assarh Engineering Consultancy on Google I decided to add my firm information on Google Places, as it’s free. I have done that with less then 5 minutes as the flowing steps:

  1. Go to Google Places
  2. Login by using your Google account. If you don’t have, make one now, It’s free.
  3. Go to the Sitting and click on Add List.
  4. Add your Business Name
  5. Add your Country (Libya).
  6. Add Street address. Here is the problem because we don’t have address in Benghazi. Don’t worry. Add any thing you want and Google will not recognize that. Then, it will ask you to help them find your location by dragging the map pin to your location. So, just drag it to where you locate.
  7. Add your city (Benghazi).
  8. Add your main Business phone number. Here you should add your cell phone (Libyan or Almadar) or your land line, It should be close to you, Because Google is going to verify this phone number by calling you imediatly and giving you a vitrification code. Write down this verification code as soon as you hear it.
  9. Next step, verify your Business List by writing the code that you heard.
  10. You’r done. Just add more information about your Business (Emails, website, and open hours).

In Benghazi, IF EVERYONE dose these steps, we will have more business online, so we can find any thing easily. Resturants, Stors, Offices, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Pharmacies, Super Markets, Malls,  Hospitals, Dental Clinics, and  anything should be online and just away from you by few clicks.

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