Call For Change: Libyan Rap is about Reality

Posted by Mutaz Gedalla

MC Swat and Ahmed Elshafee

If I’m writing about changing Benghazi, I have to mention the people who also seek the change by their voices.

After the big change in Libya (17th Revolution), the freedom of speech is wide spread now among all type of medias. Rap is one of the voices that pursue the change. Even though I’m not fan with rap music, I found some interestingly rap impact on young Libyans.

I’m not talking here about the rap which promotes the violence. Many Benghazi rappers produce rap music that encourage the bad behavior and violence with dirty words. I’m talking about the rap that talks for the reality (our life) and tries to change the people. Also, I’m not talking about the rap which talk about the political issues. I’m talking about the rap which addresses the social issues among the young.

I have to admit it. Rap music is wide spread in Benghazi , especially the last three years. It’s booming, not like any another music type. We should to take advantage of that. It’s like marketing. When the social media became popular, marketers used the social media to promote Ads. Therefore, we should use this type of music where the target is the young Libyans. Rappers have listeners. Many young Libyans, at least in the Tripoli and Benghazi, listen to the rap everyday. People who seek the change, they can be reached by their favorite music. So, we can find some ways to reach and advise the young by rap. We will have the fuel to energize the good things within the young. It could reach them quickly, not like anything else.

Rappers use YouTube to show the world their music. They Became really good with Story Boards, Graphics, Recording, and Directions. If you compare any Libyan music type with Libyan rap music, you will notice the  difference of number and quality videos.

Today, I would mention the two rappers, who have the meaningful music for Libyan reality. MC Swat (يوسف البركي) and Ahmed El Shafee (احمد الشفاعي). The two rappers, for me, they have the most meaningful rap music.

MC Swat is from Benghazi. He is one of the first rappers in Libya and Benghazi. He has more than 30 songs, which range between Political issues and Social issues. He has a wide fans base. He produced many albums and songs that I can hear it out loud from many cars in Benghazi.

Ahmed Elshafee is a young Libyan from Benghazi. He has three songs so far, at least the ones that are published on Youtube. However, he is getting famous with his songs. He is one of the rappers who has a bright future. Thanks for Holm Institution for their production . In his songs, he address the issues from daily life and asks for better future.

شارعنا..Shareanna (Our Street) is one of his songs that became popular in Libya.

Here is Aljazeera report about Libyan Rap

There are others. Many Libyans, such as Ib Thabit and GAB band,  are really good for their goals.

We find a niche, we MUST take advantage of this opportunity for for the change.

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