9 Things DO NOT Do While Driving| Libyan Version

Posted by Mutaz Gedalla

Living in Benghazi or any Libyan city means  chaos on the roads. To reduce jam traffic, we need to follow some regulations. Here, in this topic, some things we all should not do. 

9- Don’t use the Beep, Beep, Beep sound a lot (Horn,كلاكس)

Car_horn_1397248fPeople use Beeeeeeep sound a lot, especially at the traffic lights. Many people get annoyed with this sound. Don’t use it always. Use is just when you need it.

8- Don’t cut people off

1195442304509406672ryanlerch_pedestrian_crossing_sign_svg__hi_Please respect people who’re walking on sidewalk or crossing the road. They have the right of the street. Just stop and wait for them to cross the road.

7- Don’t  constantly change lanes

Don't Change your LaneI have written about driving in lanes topic. Please stay at your lane and don’t change your lane unless you use your signal light.

6- Don’t get in small spaces

PrintUsually the roads and highways are divided  to 2-3 lanes. Every lane with one car. However, many people drive two cars in one lane, which results slower traffic movement.

5- Don’t Block the right turn in red light

Block the right tAt the red light stop, Don’t block the right turn. Be patient and stop in the right lane. Please don’t block the lane.

4- Don’t stop in the wrong lane

Don't turn in the wrong lTo turn left at the traffic light, you should stop in the left lane or in the middle lane. Please, Don’t stop in the last lane.

3- Don’t cross Red light in

Red Light All Libyans know that. Stop in the red light.

2- Don’t through your trash out of the window

Motorist-dropping-litter-from-a-carThis is the most annoyed thing for me. You keep your home clean! your city is your home too. Please, keep it clean and don’t through your trash outside. keep a plastic bag in your car always (شكارة في السيارة)

1- Don’t be nervous 

tumblr_inline_mthfdnKrbb1rk37e7Keep calm and drive your car 🙂