15 Tips That You Should know To Increase Your Productivity


When it comes to getting my stuff done, I feel so happy. I feel accompleshed and my life is on the right track. Therefore, to get my stuff done, I should flow some rules or guides at work . For this reason, I’m addicted to productivity and creativity ( as an architect, my work  requires both ). I read books and articles about productivity every day. I have gathered some tips that I have shared with my friends on Facebook everyday for 15 days. Here’s the tips that I collect.

Tip 01: Start working early 

Start working one hour earlier in the morning. If your jop starts at 8, you should be at your desk at 7.  The secret is to beat the traffic and to work  more productive with no distractions from others, especially in the open space offices.

Tip 02:  Do difficult tasks first 

Do and finish your most difficult task first, so take it off from your way. Getting annoyed things done first in the morning, give you the motivation to finish the rest.

Tip 03: Split your large task into smaller tasks

To finish your large project, you should split it into smaller projects, then set goals and to-do tasks to finish them. Remember, no project finish in the same day.

Tip 04: Prioritize your life

Prioritize your tasks. Start with the most important to less important. Do NOT waste your precious time on things that is nice to do, but not important to do.

Tip 05: Say NO

Try to say “No” sometimes. Saying NO to unwanted tasks form other people could save your precious time.

Tip 06: Unplug 

DO NOT save your social media password in your browser. The 30 Seconds you are trying to log in is the time when you realize you are wasting your precious time. Use anything to unplug yourself from social media. We waste a lot of time everyday just checking Facebook.

Tip 07: Do Nothing

Include “Do Nothing” in you to do-list. Just enjoy your day. Sometimes you need time off. Take advantage of weekends. When you come back to work, will feel energize to get some stuff done.

Tip 08: Empty/Charge rule

Before sleeping, write down ( on paper, Smartphone, or tablet) everything in your mind, even things that don’t have value meaning for you. In the morning, read your thoughts again. The secret is to empty your brain at night and to get enough sleep, and to recharge it in the morning.

Tip 09: Planning a head

Do NOT start anything without a plan first. Planning saves your precious time. Write down steppes or points on how to finish your task.

Tip 10: Simplicity

Don’t complicate your to-do tasks. Your work flow comes with simplicity.

Tip 11: White Noise 

Use white noise  technology to boost your creativity and productivity. The white noise is a sound that creates waves, which effect your creativity, concentration, study, and productivity. There are many apps to generate the white noise in the app store.

Tip 12: 10 min Silence

 First thing to do in the morning, take 10min of silence and thinking before starting your day. The key is to think about your thinking.

Tip 13: Read a lot

 Minimal, read 3 articles a day and one book a year. Data is everywhere. Get this data to become information. Use information to become experience. Eventually, you will turn to an experts.

Tip 14: Write your task at night

 Write down your To-Do task at night before going to sleep. Let your subconscious works on your tasks all the night before the next day.

Tip 15: 50/10 min rule

Try to work every 50min/ 10min reward. Use 30/30 App on iPhone to organize your working hours. In the 10min rest, go for walk, check facebook, or drink coffee.